Teen Program Testimonials

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  • “The teachers at MPS love The Teen Compass Wellness materials!” —Brett Fuller,  Curriculum Specialist: Health, Physical Education, Safe and Supportive Schools, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), Wisconsin

  • “I have found that once we look at the eight important areas of wellness in The Teen Compass Wellness Notebook, meaningful, thought-provoking discussions take place. Teens are talking and listening to their classmates and come to the conclusion they are not alone in this world. They realize that other students have the same anxieties and frustrations in trying to gain independence. Ultimately, their wellness improves on the journey to adulthood. The Teen Compass Wellness Notebook is great stuff—it makes sense! —Lisa Bromley, Health teacher, Shorewood High School, Wisconsin

  • “Our Next Generation is pleased to use The Teen Compass  materials as a premiere tool in our suicide prevention efforts as we help our teens achieve good mental health and strengthen their ability to build meaningful social connections.”—Our Next Generation, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • “We have discovered that The Teen Compass Wellness resource helps teens in many ways, including helping them to: set personal goals, practice healthy decision-making, become self-advocates, analyze influences, practice positive interpersonal communication, practice self management, and take personal responsibility.” —Charlie Uihlein,  Founder and teacher, We Grow Greens Non-Profit, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • “The Teen Compass is a useful tool that helps teens be more responsible for their own well-being. The units are clearly broken down in a way that allows the facilitator the opportunity to organize themselves to address the needs in the class. I also like the way that the next week’s objective is also discussed. Having the SMART Goal worksheets allows the facilitator and the students the ability to hold themselves accountable between the sessions. This curriculum is flexible and can be used across subjects and programs as well, and I appreciate that.”Elysse Wageman, Program leader, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee

  • “The Teen Compass has guided my students by fostering growth through its positive energy and practical guidance. The students enjoyed the individual journaling and discussion topics and because of these experiences there were countless convincing moments for our New Horizons students as we experienced Living Compass. I anticipate that they will carry that enthusiasm and commitment going forward with them as we continue our work on forging our own paths as reflective and conscientious individuals. I hope other students will get a chance to see true value of this extraordinary tool and experience.”—Bohdan Nedilsky, Lead teacher, New Horizons for Learning Charter School, Shorewood, Wisconsin

  • “Using The Teen Compass wellness program in our community groups has allowed every member of faculty and staff to engage our students in conversations of character development. Not only did our students begin seeing connections between the four pillars at the school, but faculty and staff now shared a common language to speak about raising whole young men and began to better understand how our life in community was integral to the raising of our boys.” —Jennifer Henery, Director of Character Development, St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy, Dousman, Wisconsin

  • “I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach Health Education to juniors in high school for many years. To that end I use The Teen Compass Wellness Notebook as a tool for the kids to track their own wellness progress. I’ve witnessed the Compass do three things (among many). It helps identify, in a very non-threatening way, wellness areas that need attention. It helps pinpoint the “WHAT” in their lives that is causing them stress. It also gives them the “How” tools to gently tweak that wellness dimension to live happier, more successful lives. This is an awesome tool for self-reflection and I think it helps the students feel that they are not alone. I was thrilled to be able to use The Teen Compass Wellness  Notebooks in my health classes.”—Terry Copeland, Health teacher, Whitefish Bay High School, Wisconsin

  • “I have used The Teen Compass Wellness Notebooks with our group and the feedback has been very positive. The discussions that arise from the notebook have been very beneficial to the youth. It helps create a safe and fun space for them as they identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and set goals that enable them to live into their best hopes for themselves.” —Joshua Hill, Ethics teacher, Episcopal School of Knoxville, Tennessee