Speaker Offerings

Speaker Offerings:

Holly Hughes Stoner, M.Ed, LMFT, and Scott Stoner, LMFT, each love being out in the community speaking, facilitating workshops, and teaching classes on a variety of topics related to child, teen, parent, and family wellness.

They speak to a variety of audiences at schools, on college campuses, at places of worship, and at other community gathering places.

Typical Audiences Include:

  • Parents of teens and preteens

  • High school student groups

  • Men’s groups

  • Parent groups

  • Teachers

  • Youth development leaders

  • Individuals and Organizations that serve families

Sample Presentation Topics:

  • Building a Healthy Connection With Your Child So He or She Will Continue to Talk With You When He or She is a Teen. Appropriate for parents of children of any age and any organization serving families.

  • Fatherhood Is So Important. Appropriate at schools or men’s groups

  • Reducing Stress in Your Home by Understanding, “To Discipline is to Teach.” Appropriate for parents and grandparents with children of any age child.

  • Helping Your Child Be Well By Helping Yourself Be Well. Appropriate for teachers and parents with children of any age.

  • Recognizing and Helping Children and Adolescents Who Have Depression and Anxiety. Appropriate for teacher inservice, parent organizations, or any institute serving families.

  • Helping Children Through a Divorce. Appropriate for any organization supporting parents who are divorced or in the process of divorce.

  • Teachers Are Powerful. A Conversation About the Vital Ways In Which They Impact Children’s Self Image. Appropriate for teacher in-services.

  • Healthy Dating. Appropriate for high school classes, youth groups, groups of young adults, college students, and divorce recovery groups.

If you would like to find out more about ways in which we could work with you or your organization, please call our office at 414-964-4357 or email Holly Hughes Stoner, LMFT at holly@samaritanfamilywellness.org or Scott Stoner at scott@samaritanfamilywellness.org