We at Samaritan Family Wellness offer a continuum of services for individuals and families at our Bayshore Town Center offices.

We have licensed therapists who offer therapy for individuals and families who are hurting or stuck for one reason or another. They help these folks have conversations they are having trouble holding on their own and that are needed to promote healing.

Our therapists also offer coaching to people who are serious about making positive changes in their lives. A coach helps individuals to make concrete action steps, whether they be big or small, which will move them towards their own life goals. They also supply the support needed to help people move ahead.

Who We Are

Holly Hughes Stoner, Director of Family Services, began her career as a grade school teacher, later taught at both the middle and high school levels, and currentlyworks as a licensed marriage and family therapist, specializing in working with adolescents and families.  She is also a tutor with thirty-five years of experience and frequently combines family therapy and tutoring when the two intersect.

Holly can be contacted at  holly@samaritanfamilywellness.org to discuss therapy, tutoring and coaching services.


D. Scott Stoner, Executive Director, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a special interest in working with fathers, couples, and families. Scott focuses on leadership coaching, trainings, and speaker events with congregations and community organizations.

Scott can be contacted at scott@samaritanfamilywellness.org to discuss coaching services.