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In today’s busy world parents often say that they feel overwhelmed and alone.  In hopes of changing that we have created materials that can be used by individuals or by groups of parents who want to share their joys and concerns with others who understand, and to challenge themselves to be more intentional parents, parents who are happier, healthier and more confident. 

Many parents report that although they see and talk with other parents often many of their conversations are surface conversations.  They say they yearn for gatherings with other parents that are real, compassionate, and supportive. This resource is meant to help provide just such places for them. Parent Wellness Circles are for any group of parents who could enjoy being a part of a small group of their peers, and would like some extra support in making some changes in their lives.  

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Parent Wellness Compass:

This book, written by family therapists, Holly Hughes Stoner and Scott Stoner, is a collection of thirty-two reflections, four for each of the eight areas of wellness. Each is accompanied by reflection and discussion questions for the readers, as well as space to record plans for NEXT Steps. It can be used by an individual parent, by people parenting together, or by a group of parents for discussion and support. No training is needed to lead group discussions using these reflections. 

Most of us are familiar with the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”   We think this concept is so important that we extend it to parents and families, because we also believe that it takes a village to support a parent and a family as well. 

Families are not meant to live in isolation, separate from one another. All families have a better chance of thriving in the context of community when they can both give and receive support from one another. It seems that in no other area of life is this truer than in family life and parenting.

Hopefully these reflections, and the conversations they give birth to will help create new communities of parents who can support one another and healthier, happier families will grow.

Who Will Benefit From This Book?

•   Parents. By saying parents we mean all parents, regardless of the age of their children: biological parents, step-parents, foster parents, single parents, adoptive parents, and/or parents who are co-parenting with a spouse, ex-spouse,or partner.

•   Expectant parents. Many expectant parents attend classes to help them prepare for the birth or arrival of their child. This book offers parents the chance to begin preparing for the social, emotional, and spiritual journey of parenthood that begins the moment their child joins the family.

•   Grandparents, aunt and uncles, and other extended family members. Today, many extended family members are playing a big role in raising their grandchildren, nephews, and nieces. Having multiple members of an extended family read this book can be enriching for everyone, as discussions about different approaches to parenting emerge and get discussed, thus helping to avoid potential conflicts.

•  Educators, parent groups within schools, non-profit leaders, community leaders, faith leaders, mental health providers, and all who work in their local communities with parents and families may find this book to be a valuable resource.  Community leaders and organizations have a unique opportunity to create villages of support for parents, children, and families by using resources such as The Parent Wellness Compass as a foundation for programming in their communities.

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The Parent Wellness Compass Companion Journal: A Free Download to Accompany the Parent Wellness Compass Book

While there is space in the Parent Wellness Compass Book for readers to write down their responses to the “Making It Personal” Questions at the end of each of the thirty-two reflections in the book, and to record “NEXT Steps” that they wish to take, some readers may not want to write in their books, and/or may want more space that is available in this book.  This journal provides ample space for parents to record their responses and is also a helpful tool for those parents who want to gather in groups with other parents do share their response with each other.

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Parent Wellness Circle Program Workbook:

We know that today’s parents face a myriad of stresses and that many face considerable challenges.  With that in mind, Parent Wellness Circles have been created to give parents a safe place to talk about honestly about parenting, see that all areas of their lives and those of their families are interconnected, and to empower them to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

The Parent Wellness Circle Program, is a six-session parent coaching program in which parents determine, plan, and implement the changes they want to make for their own wellbeing, and that of their families. Participants gather with a trained facilitator to discuss parenting wisdom and support each other as they work on weekly NEXT Steps.  The Parent Wellness Compass Inventory, a signature part of this coaching program, is completed in the first session and serves as a guide to help parents set their NEXT Steps. In a Parent Wellness Circle the same group of parents, usually 6-8, meet for six weeks, doing their best to attend at least four of the six sessions.

This resource comes in both English and Spanish. 

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Parent Wellness Circle Facilitator Guide:

Parent Wellness Circles are run by facilitators who use this facilitator guide as they run the six sessions.  The facilitator will find guidelines for leading the group, tips for leading meaningful group discussions based on Motivational Interviewing, as well as discussion questions. and guidelines for leading the group. This facilitator guide is then a book to refer back to, and a companion as you lead the groups.

A Parent Wellness Circle Program Workbook is needed by the facilitator as a companion to the facilitator guide and is needed by all group members.

Parent Wellness Circle Program Tutorial Videos:

In addition to the the Parent Wellness Circle Facilitator Guide, we also have 10 short video tutorials to equip you to facilitate Parent Wellness Circles.

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NEXT Steps:

Here you will find NEXT Step forms that you can print off for your self or for group members. You may want to print off these pages if you prefer not to write in the Parent Wellness Compass book, or if you want a blank place for further notes.

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