Parent Program Testimonials

Question One: Why did you sign up to participate for a Parent Wellness Circle?


Question Two: Parent Wellness Circles: What were you expecting?


Question Three: What was your experience with the Parent Wellness Circles?


Question Four: What surprised you the most about Parent Wellness Circles?


Question Five: Who would benefit from participating in a Parent Wellness Circle?


Question Six: What are your final thoughts on Parent Wellness Circles?


  • “Was a much needed reflection of my current parenting practices. Each week we met and shared our joys or frustrations in a casual and welcoming setting. We focused on personal goals and improving something in our self. Simple, reflective and thought-provoking.” —Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “Helpful, concrete ideas about how to set goals for yourself and benefit your family relationships.” —Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “We had a lively discussion about real parenting issues we all have. Focuses on the parents, with ideas and exercises geared to help adults be better, which will have a positive affects on the kids.”—Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “The goals are kept simple and keeping it to few was recommended so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed.” —Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • We had discussions about the difficulties with being a parent in a technical way.”Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • I love these circles so much, this is my second one! It is so helpful to be in a place where people are willing to be vulnerable,  share real struggles, and support reach other.”—Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “This group has helped me to develop the necessary skills as an individual and as a parent to be resilient, to be compassionate, and to be a good role model for my son.” —Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “Parent Wellness Circles are a fabulous idea. I love the idea of bringing community members together face to face.  I think with technology we have lost a lot of human connection. I loved being able to look into other parents’ eyes and listening to their journey as a parent.  It felt so comforting.”—Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “Being in a Parent Wellness Circle was very helpful to me as it made me see that others have the same issues I have, and I’m not alone.” —Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “I can’t believe how much we grew to care for each other after just six weeks.  It’s hard to believe that we were all strangers such a short time ago. Now we are planning other get togethers, are exchanging phone numbers, and are friends on Facebook because we want to keep in touch.” —Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “It was great to be part of a live group, part of a “village”.” —Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “I found it very beneficial to be in a supportive, nurturing group such as this Parenting Wellness Circle.” —Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “I loved the supportive group that formed.  Everyone listened as we each set personal goals, and also shared our challenges and successes. Parenting is a tough job, and it felt so great to be nurtured together.” —Parent Wellness Circle Participant

  • “Highly recommend being a part of a Parent Wellness Circle! It has been an amazing experience with amazing people!”—Parent Wellness Circle Participant