Thank you for stopping by to claim your free Teen Compass Resources. We are honored to help serve teens and those who support them in their journey towards wellness.

Samaritan Family Wellness Foundation is proud to participate in the mission to promote adolescent mental health. The foundation believes that we each need to do what we can to support the mental health of our young people.

With this in mind our nonprofit — which provides training and preventative wellness materials to individuals, families, and schools — is offering a free digital download of its book “The Teen Compass Wellness Notebook,” and its accompanying leaders guide, written by marriage and family therapists Scott Stoner and Holly Hughes Stoner. Their hope is that this tool can help those that work with teens to foster important conversations about the challenges they face and the decisions they are making.

“Samaritan Family Wellness wants to encourage adults and teens to more openly discuss the struggles teens have and to encourage them to reach out for help when they feel overwhelmed,” says Holly Hughes Stoner, Samaritan Family Wellness co-director, and the book’s co-author.

The 114-pg. interactive workbook uses self-reflection methods to train students to assess their wellness in eight, interconnected areas and provides tools to improve stress resiliency, goal setting and problem-solving. The notebook is appropriate for use by parents, teachers, tutors, mentors, schools, youth development workers, counselors and teens in the 8th grade and above. Using the downloadable versions of the notebook and leader’s guide, users can be creative in their use of the notebook.

Nearly two in three depressed teens don’t get the help they need, according to the American Association of Pediatrics. Teen depression can lead to issues such as low self-esteem, behavioral problems at home or school, substance abuse, violence, self harm, and even suicide. Hopefully with the use of the “Teen Compass Wellness Notebook” teens who are suffering in some way can self-identify, reach out for the help they need, and work on creating a healthier and happier life.

“The Teen Compass helps create a safe space for teens to say ‘Yes’ to the journey toward greater health and wellbeing,” says Stoner. “While we believe there is power in self-awareness, using the Teen Compass process to discuss challenges in a group setting removes the mental health stigma, normalizes stresses, and creates a needed sense of community and encouragement.”

The Teen Compass curriculum has been used by national and international school districts, after school programs, camps, and by counselors.

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