Eight Areas Of Wellness

Eight Areas Of Wellness - Samaritan Family Wellness Foundation


Our resources, which are the heart of the Samaritan Family Wellness Initiative, are all preventative in nature. All of our resources are meant to help people listen to the whispers in their lives, whispers that something in their life may need to change and needs their attention as to avoid it growing into a problem.  And to support people in doing something different going forward.

You will find that each program is grounded in these core beliefs and processes:

  • All wellness starts with honest self-reflection.

  • Wellness is wholistic—it involves eight inter-related areas of wellness: Spirituality, Rest & Play, Care for the Body, Stress Resilience, Healthy Relationships, Handling Emotions, Organization, and School & Work.

  • Healthy communities can grow when community members have opportunities to participate in safe, authentic conversations where they can be vulnerable about the joys and challenges they each face.

  • People already know what changes they need to make, we do not have to tell them.

  • We have to do different in order to get different.

  • Whatever we pay attention to is what will grow.

  • Change is inevitable, growth is optional.


Samaritan Family Wellness Compass


  • Relationships. The ability to create and maintain healthy, life-giving connections with others.

  • Emotions. The ability to express and receive emotions in a healthy way.


  • Spirituality. The ability to develop a strong personal value system and to discover a meaningful purpose in life.

  • Rest & Play. The ability to balance work and play and to renew one’s self.


  • Stress Resilience. The ability to deal positively with the adversities of life.

  • Care of the Body. The ability to build healthy habits and practices regarding your physical well being.


  • Organization. The ability to keep track of and make good use of possessions, money, and time.

  • School & Work (Vocation). The ability to get the most out of educational, volunteer, and employment opportunities.